We work with organizational clients who reach out to us when they are:

  • Introducing new leadership and looking to set their direction,

  • Encountering challenges in bringing a leadership team together,

  • Seeking a deeper understanding and improvement of their organizational culture,

  • Looking to support the development and well-being of their organizations’ leaders,

  • Attempting to surface and resolve interpersonal and organizational barriers to equity & inclusion, or 

  • Trying to realize the power of co-creating across differences in identity, experience & perspective.


We also work with individuals who reach out to us when they are:

  • Seeking development within a job role,

  • Preparing for a promotion or a new challenge, 

  • Exploring jobs or making a change,

  • Wanting to consistently demonstrate equity-promoting behaviors and mindsets, or

  • Feeling stuck or unclear about how to move from aspiration to meaningful action.

Most of our clients are leaders and career explorers in the following sectors:

  • Education

  • Social Sector & Non-Profit

  • Philanthropy

  • Collaborations & Coalitions


Projects we have tackled include:

  • Onboarding and transition support for new leaders

  • Conducting assessments of equity, leadership and culture for a variety of organizations

  • Leadership team coaching to shift & transform culture

  • Organization-level strategic planning and goal-setting

  • Creation of a system for school teams’ annual planning

  • Design and implementation of  leadership development programs for school leaders at a variety of career stages

  • Creation of virtual professional and learning communities

  • Meeting and retreat design and facilitation

I am much more confident in my vision for racial equity in my school.  I am sharing that with my staff and having courageous conversations all the time.  It’s really beginning to shift our culture and I am confident it will lead to differences in students’ experiences.

Human Factors Collaborative School Principal Coaching Client